Safety and Facilities Services Committee


Council Chamber
  • Councillor Nicholson
  • Councillor Kerr
  • Councillor Lee
  • Councillor Marks
  • Councillor McConkey
  • Mayor Carter
Also Present:
  • Councillor Gray
  • Councillor Marimpietri
  • T. Adams, Chief Administrative Officer
  • K. Alexander, Director, Facilities Management
  • P. Lyon, Director, Mun. Law Enforcement & Licensing Services
  • J. Lane, Council-Committee Coordinator
  • F. Bianchet, Council-Committee Coordinator
  • R. Rossetti, Council-Committee Coordinator
  • H. Beglarov, Corporate Security Manager
  • D. Livesey, Policy & Research Analyst
  • K. Man, Manger, Policy, Licensing & Business Ser

  • Moved byCouncillor Kerr

    That the Safety and Facilities Services Committee recommend to City Council:

    That SF-23-16 being a request from Heritage Oshawa that members be provided with identification cards to identify themselves at events around the City of Oshawa be referred to staff for a report.

    Motion Carried
  • Councillor McConkey declared a conflict on this item. (Councillor McConkey made a declaration of interest concerning Item SF-23-17 regarding the Vacant Buildings and Property Standards By-law 1-2002 as she owns a vacant parcel of property.)
  • Moved byCouncillor Kerr

    That the Safety and Facilities Services Committee recommend to City Council:

    1. That Council approve a Vacant Buildings and Land Registry By-law and amend the General Fees and Charges By-law 13-2002, as amended, in the form of Option “B”: Implement a Vacant Building Registry and Land By-law as detailed in Section 5.3.3 of Report SF-23-10 “Vacant Building and Land Registry By-law”, dated March 15, 2023, and in a form and content acceptable to the Chief Administrative Officer and Legal Services; and,
    2. That the one (1) additional regular part-time Municipal Law Enforcement Officer position be presented to Council when appropriate through future budget 
      submissions as part of the City’s regular budget planning process or separate reports as appropriate; and, 
    3. That the requirements of Notice By-law 147-2007 regarding notice to the public for amendments to the General Fees and Charges By-law 13-2003, as amended, be waived. 
    Motion Carried
  • Moved byCouncillor McConkey

    Whereas many families in the Taunton Part II Planning Area have requested the City install an outdoor basketball court in Coldstream Park; and

    Whereas with the new Harmony Creek trail opening to the Delpark Homes Centre, an alternate location option presented is to build a special new outdoor basketball court at the Delpark Home Centre;

    Now therefore an investigation for such a special outdoor basketball court at the Delpark Home Centre be referred to the consultant for the PRLC’s Report (expected in October 2023).

    Affirmative (5)Councillor Kerr, Councillor Marks, Councillor McConkey, Councillor Nicholson, and Councillor Lee
    Absent (1)Mayor Carter
    Motion Carried (5 to 0)
  • Moved byCouncillor Marks

    That the meeting adjourn at 1:47 p.m.

    Motion Carried
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