Safety and Facilities Services Committee Meeting Agenda

Council Chamber

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(As may be presented at the meeting)

(As may be presented by Council Members)

  • Recommendation

    That Heritage Oshawa recommend to the Safety and Facilities Services Committee:

    That Heritage Oshawa members be provided with identification cards to identify themselves at events around the City of Oshawa. 

  • Recommendation

    That the Safety and Facilities Services Committee recommend to City Council:

    That based on Report SF-23-17 dated April 19, 2023 concerning Vacant Buildings and Property Standards By-law 1-2002:

    1. That the Safety and Facilities Services Committee select an appropriate option for the Vacant Building and Land Registry By-law as detailed in Section 5.3 of Report SF-23-10, appended as Attachment 2 to this report; and,
    2. That Section 8.1.4 of Property Standards By-law 1-2002, as amended, be further amended to remove the reference to the twenty-four (24) month period and replace it with a twelve (12) month period.
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