Community and Operations Services Committee Meeting Agenda

Council Chamber

Members of the Committee:

Councillor Gray, Chair

Councillor Lee, Vice-Chair

Councillor Chapman

Councillor Neal

Councillor Nicholson

Mayor Carter, Ex Officio


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The City of Oshawa is situated on lands within the traditional and treaty territory of the Michi Saagiig and Chippewa Anishinaabeg and the signatories of the Williams Treaties, which include the Mississaugas of Scugog Island, Curve Lake, Hiawatha and Alderville First Nations, and the Chippewas of Georgina Island, Rama and Beausoleil First Nations. We are grateful for the Anishinaabeg who have cared for the land and waters within this territory since time immemorial.

We recognize that Oshawa is steeped in rich Indigenous history and is now present day home to many First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. We express gratitude for this diverse group of Indigenous Peoples who continue to care for the land and shape and strengthen our community.

As a municipality, we are committed to understanding the truth of our shared history, acknowledging our role in addressing the negative impacts that colonization continues to have on Indigenous Peoples, developing reciprocal relationships, and taking meaningful action toward reconciliation.

We are all Treaty people.

(As may be presented at the meeting)

(As may be presented by Council Members)

  • Recommendation

    That the Community and Operations Services Committee recommend to City Council:

    That based on Report CO-24-01 dated January 10, 2024 concerning noxious weeds and invasive species:

    1. That Council pass a by-law to amend Lot Maintenance By-law 127-2007, as amended, to address noxious weeds as listed under the Weed Control Act, 1990 as outlined in Attachment 3 to this Report and in a form and content acceptable to Legal Services and the Commissioner, Community and Operations Services; and,
    2. That staff develop a public awareness campaign specific to the invasive nature of common garden plants and proper disposal methods.
  • Recommendation

    That the Community and Operations Services Committee recommend to City Council:

    Whereas at its meeting of June 21, 2021, City Council referred Report CS-21-75 concerning cycling network maintenance issues for staff to review; and,

    Whereas staff assessed observed safety concerns and recommendations proposed in Report CS-21-75 against City standards and the Ontario Traffic Manual; and,

    Whereas Project 52-0049 - Airport Trail Safety Modifications was considered by Council as part of the 2023 Capital Budget to address safety concerns for an estimated cost of $800,000; and,

    Whereas in accordance with CNCL-23-07, “2023 Proposed Capital Budget Addendum”, Council approved $200,000 as part of the 2023 Capital budget and a reduced scope of work for Project 52-0049 to implement risk mitigation measures including increased levels of service, specifically providing diligent year-round operations and maintenance, in addition to the implementation of recommended interim safety measures; and,

    Whereas implementation of interim and permanent risk mitigation measures, including those approved as part of CNCL-23-07, are expected to be complete by February 2, 2024;

    Therefore, be it resolved, that Report CO-24-02 dated January 10, 2024 concerning cycling network maintenance issues, be received for information.

Report CO-23-11 concerning Memorials, Recognizing Unmarked Graves. (Tabled April 24, 2023)

Report CS-21-105 concerning a request for staff to adopt a vehicle purchasing policy that assumes an electric vehicle purchase as the default choice and move to a fleet replacement policy that sets ambitious targets in fleet electrification and decarbonisation. (Tabled October 18, 2021)

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